How it works

TractorAuctions.com is similar to most other auction websites except we use auction credits, just like some arcades use tokens instead of quarters.  Instead of taking a whopping 15% or more of whatever your item sells for, we charge you $1 per auction and that's it.  No success fees, no listing fees, we don't take a cut of the shipping charges, it's just $1 per auction period.  Because we charge so little per auction, we do require that you purchase 10 or more auction credits at a time.  Auction credits do not expire.

How to get started with TractorAuctions.com

1) On the top right hand corner of this page click on register and then fill out the information.

2) Go to your email and look for an email from us, it might be in your spam folder.  When you find the email from us, click on the blue link to confirm your email.

3) If you want to bid on items do NOT wait until the last minute.  Our website will ask you for some more information prior to accepting your first bid, this is a one-time thing.  We ask you for some more information to protect our sellers from fake bidders.  

4) If you want to sell items then you just need to purchase some auction credits.  Click on the sell button after you’re registered and logged in and our website will prompt you to purchase some auction credits.  You can send us a check or money order if you don't want to pay with PayPal. See below for more info!

That's it!  We wanted to keep it really simple.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do auction credits expire?

A: No, never! 

Q: What do I do if I win an auction?

A: Look at the auction listing to see what the seller accepts for forms of payment. Contact the seller, and make arrangements for payment and shipping if necessary.  

Q: Do I have to use PayPal to get auction credits?

A: No, you can pay for auction credits through Paypal or send a check or money order to:

TractorAuctions.com LLC

P.O. Box 104 Alexandria, KY 41001

If you send a check or money order please make sure you include your username and phone number on a piece of paper so that we can credit your account.

Q: Why don't you do buy it now or classified listings?

A: We wanted to stay true to auctions and keep it simple.  We've only got 3 options: 3 day auctions, 7 day auctions and 10 day auctions.

Q: What happens when a seller doesn't send their item or a buyer doesn't pay?

A: We recommend handling transactions in person with cash to prevent issues, but in the event that there is a problem, we have a feedback system and we will ban repeat offenders from using our website.  


Q: I only want to buy one auction credit, why do I have to buy 10 or more?

A: We can't sell auction credits for $1 and only sell 1 at a time. We'd be eaten alive by fee's for our credit processor! We could sell one auction credit at a time but then we'd have to charge much more than $1 per auction credit.

Q: I have other questions, how do I get in contact with TractorAuctions.com? 

A: Please see our contact us page.


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